Ordering the Community Silver Medallion on XRP Ledger (Ripple)

The silver medallions can now be ordered, held and traded on XRP Ledger (Ripple)!

The issuing address is rJCDKXt4EBxbfA3kvxv895g8i9dzY62y1u , and the asset is SMT (ie. silver medallion token).

Here is a step-by-step guide on the process using a free multi platform and open sourced wallet from our friends at Toast.

Using Toast Wallet

  1. After accessing your wallet go to ‘Add Trustline’
  2. Enter the Issuer, rJCDKXt4EBxbfA3kvxv895g8i9dzY62y1u
  3. Enter the Curreny, SMT
  4. Enter the Trustline Limit you are comfortable with
  5. Select ‘Add Trustline’

After which you can buy, trade and sell the token as you would any other on XRP Ledger (Ripple).

Another popular wallet is Gatehub.

Using Gatehub Wallet

  1. Advanced option in you wallet
  2. Set Trust button
  3. Enter your password
  4. Copy and paste the SMT ripple address  rJCDKXt4EBxbfA3kvxv895g8i9dzY62y1u   into the Ripple Address and enter the currency code ( SMT).
  5. Click Submit.

Then you can simply trade tokens as you would any other asset on Gatehub. The two established markets are between SMT and USD. Bitstamp and Gatehub (default USD for Gatehub users).


  • It is worth mentioning that you do not need to hold USD Bitstamp/ Gatehub to take advantage of the market thanks to XRP Ledger’s unique autobridging.
  • Every medallion asset on XRP Ledger (Ripple) is backed by one silver medallion and will be held independently in a safe storage facility until redeemed.

To Redeem

Medallions bought/ traded on XRP Ledger (Ripple) can be redeemed via the contact page, be sure to check SMT Redemption.

You will be contacted with a destination address and a quote for shipping. After fulfilled your order will be processed.

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